Resurfacing Concrete



Cracked and weathered concrete? No problem for Lifetime Coating. This material is recommended even for vehicles.

  • Garage floor (with MMA Plexiglas system only)

  • Patio

  • Pool apron

  • Sidewalk

  • Front porch

  • Driveway (with MMA Plexiglas system only)


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Works out to from $8.25/SF to $10.79/SF.
We also effect repairs and fill in major cracks.


"Amazing. Exceeded my expectations!"

-- Mr. Berger, Lake Anna
(From signed Walk-Thru Inspection Form on file)

Our new MMA Plexiglas system was applied to this Coca Cola plant floor.

Your FOREVER solution to concrete problems


Liquid MMA Plexiglas drys so hard it will stop a bullet...
It bonds so strong that the concrete will break before the bond does...
And it looks so appealing your biggest problem will be keeping your neighbors' lips off it.


This is THE solution for concrete repairs. And for a fraction of the cost of demolition and repouring.

Before Lifetime Coating

After Lifetime Coating
"Some difference, huh."

This is an advanced coating formulated to beautify and protect unsightly driveways and other broom swept concrete surfaces. It is engineered to stand up to the harshness of heat, cold, snow and rain as well as punishing driveway traffic.

Before the resurfacing begins, we thoroughly prepare the surface by repairing damaged concrete and filling in major cracks, possibly abrading the surface mechanically to roughen it up, and finally pressure washing it clean after using our Concrete Cleaner. Once dry, our process...

  • Fills hairline cracks (2 coats)
  • Beautifies unsightly surfaces
  • Resists oil & grease spots
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Note: If your concrete has been floated or trowled to a smooth finish, do not dispair! We can mechanically abrade the surface to allow this advanced coating to properly adhere!


"We offer a unique solution to an ugly problem:
For a fraction of the cost to replace, we give our
customers a new deck, dock or concrete surface
that will look better and last longer than
anything else available."

-- Debbie French/Owner

Resurfacing pressure treated and concrete

Larry & Ruth's Deck
How to Make an Ageless Deck?
"You CAN'T be serious!"

Short Resurfacing Video Clip

What Happens When We Goof

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